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Merrick oder die Schuld des Vampirs   (OT: Merrick)

Untertitel A Vampire Chronicle
Autor Anne Rice
Kategorie Roman
Seitenzahl 480
Format Paperback
deutsche Übersetzung  
Erstveröffentlichung 2000
Verlag The Random House Group Ltd
ISBN-Nummer 0-09-927148-6

Interview mit einem Vampir - (Originaltitel: Interview With the Vampire)
Der Fürst der Finsternis - (Originaltitel: The Vampire Lestat
Die Königin der Verdammten - (Originaltitel: The Queen of the Damned)
Nachtmahr - (Originaltitel: The Tale of the Body Thief)
Memnoch der Teufel - (Originaltitel: Memnoch the Devil)
Armand der Vampir - (Originaltitel: The Vampire Armand)
Pandora (Originaltitel: Pandora)
Vittorio - (Originaltitel: Vittorio, the Vampire)
Merrick oder die Schuld des Vampirs - (Originaltitel: Merrick)

"Rice knows what her readers want .. She has the knack of touching on our deepest fears" - Times Literary Supplement

Louis de Pointe du Lac, the Vampire Lestat's charismatic friend, is tortured by the memory the child Claudia whom he had loved and lost.

To save his sanity, Louis appeals to Merrick, the beautiful, unconquerable witch descended from the Gread Mayfair clan whose extraordinary powers she has inherted. In this haunting tale, Merrick uses black witchcraft to call up the ghost of Claudia - however dangerous this may be. For there are other spirits who willl not lie still, and Merrick's search takes her close to the edge, through blood and terror, voodoo and violence.

From the New Orleans of the past and the peresent to the jungles of Guatemala, from the Mayan ruins of a century ago to ancient civilisations not yet explored, Merrick is an irresistible sotry in which magical powers and otherwordly forces are locked together in a dance of seduction, death and rebirth...

"Rice's writing is wonderfully imaginative and as creepily splendid as a hot-house orchid" - Sunday Times

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