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Night Hunter
AKA: Bloodhunter, Blade - Der Vampirjäger

USA 1995, Color, 79 min
Director Rick Jacobson
Screenplay William C. Martell
Produer: Ashok Amritraj
Don "The Dragon" Wilson Jack Cutter
Melanie Smith Raimy Baker
Nicholas Guest Bruno Fischer
Sid Sham Sud O'Mack
Cash Casey Detective Browning
Maria Ford Tournier
Ron Winston Yuan Hashimoto
Michael Cavanaugh Roy Ward
Vince Murdocco Curt Argento
James Lew Tom Cutter

Actually there's not much to tell about the story. There's only 9 vampires left on earth. They would like to be more numerous, but their only chance to change ordinary people into their kind is by biting (ouch!) them during an eclipse of the sun. To prevent them from doing so vampire hunter Jack Cutter chases them; not by means of a wooden pale and a crucifix but with Shotgun and Uzi!!! The only thing you need to kill these vampire is break his neck !? The rest isn't worth mentioning, consisting merely of senseless fighting scenes.

For a long time the legendary Ed Wood was known to be the worst director ever, just remember masterpieces such as "Plan 9 from outer Space" or "Bride of the Monster". Well - this dubious fame should be gone now. I do not have the slightest clue what further crimes in film history "director" Rick Jacobson committed (I just hope none), but this movie is enough to exceed Wood by ages. "Night Hunter" is that horrible that compared to it even Patrick Lussiers "Dracula 2000" is just adorable.

You do not at all notice that the vampires in this movie are vampires at all. They walk around during daytime (well - shooting a movie at night is more expensive) and prefer to spend their leisure time with kick boxing than biting in pale women's necks. They serve only as a means to an end in this film - there has to be someone to beat up! But the choreography of the fighting scenes in this movie is dilettante and all action scenes are so blurred that you finally come to the conclusion that the camera man must be an 80-year old suffering from Parkinson disease. To call the leas Don "The Dragon" Wilson an actor would be an insult for the whole actor's business and believe me, if he was really a vampire hunter it would also be a shame for the vampire hunter's guild.

To sum it up: the movie is that bad, that miserable, that awful, that boring, a total failure, it isn't even involuntarily funny or somehow trashy. The 79 minutes it takes to watch the movie are a total waste of time. Who would have thought that one day someone would manage to underbid the average level of a Dolph Lundgren or Lorenzo Lamas Movie? I guess Rick Jacobson has always known it: he can do it!!

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