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Interview with the vampire - the Vampire Chronicles
AKA: Interview mit einem Vampire

USA 1994, Color, 118 min
Director Neil Jordan
Book Anne Rice
Producer Produzent: Stephen Wooley / David Geffen
Music Elliot Goldenthal, Joseph Haydn, Georg Friedrich Händel, Ludwig Van Beethoven

Brad Pitt Louis de Pointe du Lac
Tom Cruise Lestat de Lioncourt
Christian Slater Daniel Malloy
Kirsten Dunst Claudia
Antonio Banderas Armand
Stephen Rea Santiago

Somewhere in a hotel room an unusual man with long hair gives a young reporter an interview. He reveals him that he was a vampire and more than 200 years old. He tells him of his eventful past, of his wife who died in confinement, when he was only 25 and of the death-wish he felt when he met the vampire Lestat, who made him one of his kind. But he is disgusted by his existence as a vampire. He refuses to kill men and lives on the blood of rats. Sometime they meet the orphan Claudia, turn her into a vampire as well and from that moment on they live as a kind of family, Claudia being Lestats clever student.

But her heart is with Louis. Equipped with the experience of many decades but imprisoned in the body of a little girl she becomes tired of Leastat and for him live becomes difficult. Deceived by Claudias insidiousness he soon goes up in flames. Louis, unsure what to do but finally, dazzled by his love for Claudia disposes of Lestats supposed body in a swamp and together with Claudia goes to Europe. In Paris they meet a colony of Vampires under the leadership of the strange Armand. In the beginning everything seems to be fine, until the Paris vampires find out that Louis and Claudia committed the worst crime possible for blood suckers: they killed one of their kind. Claudia is burnt by the sunlight and Louis is immured alive. Armand frees Armand, who driven by an unruly thirst for revenge burns down the rest of the colony and puts everything into pieces with a scythe. He parts with Armand.

Many years later, restlessly and lonely, he returns to New Orleans and meets Lestat, vegetating in a ruin in reduced circumstances. He could survive because he drank the blood of alligators in the swamp. The reporter is fascinated by Louis' unusual live and wants to become a vampire as well. Louis is disgusted by this idea and refuses.... but Lestat is also still "alive.

The novel by Anne Rice, who could be convinced for enormous sums of money to agree to the film version, and in the end was even responsible for the screenplay, is the best-known and most popular Vampire novel at present, nearly as legendary as "Dracula" itself. Neill Jordans Film turned out somehow melancholic, what fits quite well. Bratt Pitt and Tom Cruise both show high performances, we expected from the one, and not at all from the other. Christians Slaters role as reporter is also well-acted. Antonio Banderas as Armand plays his part extremely well. But this guard of junior actors (who are actually not that young anymore) is without any difficulty topped by Kirsten Dunst, playing the role of Claudia. Looking like an angel she can appear that evil.

To sum it up: put into scene this gorgeously and equipped with great actors "Interview with the Vampire" is the second important vampire movie of the 90s. These vampires are different from old Vlad Tepes. A second film would be desirable, even if this is not quite probable. Having the same quality it would surely delight many fans.


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