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Kiss my blood

Germany, 1998, color, 80 min
Director David Jazay
Screenplay David Jazay/Douglas Dryburgh
Director of Photography Teoh Gay Hian
Producers TMO Film/HFF Muenchen
Anya Fisher Celina
Nadja Rieger Jane
Benno Fuermann John
Erdal Yildiz Paul
Thomas Haydn The Inspector

At night 700 years old vampire Celina tours the Berlin bars and techno clubs looking for new victims. This might seem to be a great diversion, but Celina has gotten sick of it and feels quite lonely. This changes when she moves in with Jane and her brutal beating husband John. She soon falls in love with Jane. When John freaks out once again he gets to know Celina's real character. Bleed white and wrapped into a blue plastic bag he is thrown into the river Spree.

Now a free and easy time starts for Jane and Celina. Unfortunately they cannot enjoy it for a long time which is due to the inspector, an extremely brutal and cynic vampire hunter who has been on Celina's track for quite some time. The net of the hunters is getting tighter around our two heroines. Finally due to the difficult live they lead and the obvious differences between the two of them, Jane's love for Celina breaks. After a huge argument it comes to the final fight between Celina and the Inspector...

We do not want to tell you the surprising end of this fight now and suggest you to watch "Kiss my Blood" yourself. Those of you who think that good horror, made in Germany is not possible will really have to change their opinion. Left apart that this has never been true - just have a look at German classics by Murnau, Wiene, Wegener, Galeen - and if this is too long ago for you - by Jörg Buttgereit. And now it's David Jazay as well. And we hope to get to see some more from him as we consider this guy really talented.

Sure, "Kiss my Blood" is an underground production and you already realize this at the very beginning of the movie. There have been quite some mistakes, the sound for example is horrible. Most of the time the music is much too loud, but if you turn it softer, you cannot understand the actors anymore, which by the way is often difficult anyway as there's quite some shouting going on.

Well talking about actors: they really do a brilliant job. Benno Fürmann is the only well-known actor among them, but here we want to especially praise the performance of the two female leads, Nadja Rigger and (the really beautiful) Anja Fischer. We would really love to the two of them more often.
The movie often has the effects of a music clip with fast cuts, alienated colors and computer effects, which makes it difficult to follow the story in the beginning. But as soon as you have gotten used to it, it is really fun.

Those who considered the stupid and totally overrated movie "Run Lola Run" cool should have a look at this one. Taken apart the hip and/or experimental elements of the movie, "Kiss my Blood" stays a real and really good vampire movie. It may stumble from time to time (why for example the vampire hunter is always accompanied by a police commando equipped with machine guns? This was probably supposed to look cool), but we have to keep in mind that it was David Jazays debut and it is great and enriches the genre for an amusing and modern version. Keep on doing such a great job!

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