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From Dusk till Dawn
AKA: Une nuit en enfer, Abierto hasta el Amanecer, Od zmierzchu do switu

USA 1996, Color, 108 min
Director: Robert Rodriguez
Screenplay Quentin Tarantino, Robert Kurtzman
Photography Guillermo Navarro
Music Graeme Revell
Harvey Keitel Jacob Fuller
George Clooney Seth Gecko
Quentin Tarantino Richard Gecko
Juliette Lewis Kate Fuller
Ernest Liu Scott Fuller

The brothers Seth and Richard Gecko, just having committed a hold-up in a bank, are now fleeing in the direction of Mexico with a hostage in their trunk. But it is not that easy to get somewhere, when you are searched by the police, destroy a service area and kill your hostage in between. So they kidnap a priest together with his daughter and his adopted son, who really manage to bring them across the border in their camper. Their destination is a bar in the middle of the desert having the stupid name "Titty Twisters". Here the Geckos want to meet a contact that is to provide them with fake papers. As soon as this contact shows up the family of the priest is to be let free. But as we all know: in the end everything turns out different: At dusk nearly everybody present in the bar changes into a vampire. Now the kidnapper and the hostages have to collaborate and defend themselves jointly against the undead. They use quite effective weapons, i. e. bumper-pistols filled with holy water or pales they shoot with pneumatic hammers. At dawn all our heroes except of Seth and the daughter of the priest are decimated, but: the vampires are beat as well.

When Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez come together to turn a bastard of a vampire and a gangster movie the result can be foreseen, which is a crazy splatter-road-movie-firework where there's loads of blood, where something is always blown up and you can imagine that no other movie made in 1996 has more dead in it. At the same time, the movie is produces in the well-known tradition of the team Rodriguez/Tarantino, making sure that humor doesn't come too short. And even if we already know the one or other gag from "Desperado" - who cares?

"From Dusk till Dawn" can surely not be compared with the classic Dracula Movies we discuss her, but it really is fun and should therefore be mentioned here.


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