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Dracula vs. Frankenstein
AKA: The Blood Seekers, Blood of Frankenstein, The Revenge of Dracula, Satan's Bloody Freaks
Teenage Dracula, They're Coming to Get You, Draculas Bluthochzeit mit Frankenstein

USA 1971, Farbe, 90 min
Director: Al Adamson
Screenplay William Pugsley, Samuel M. Sherman
Dr. Frankenstein J. Carroll Naish
Groton Lon Chaney
Mike Anthony Eisley
Graf Dracula Zandor Vorkov
Rico Russ Tamblyn
Sergeant Martin Jim Davis
Judith Regina Carrol

At an amusement park Dr. Frankenstein runs a kind of waxworks, a "house of horror", where quite a number of weird figures bustle around, and where the one or other hippie (it's 1971) finds his death. The establishment is only camouflage, and, of course, the mad scientist still runs a laboratory and tinkers with dead bodies. One night Count Dracula (who himself looks like a deceased hippie with bad makeup and plastic teeth) surprisingly appears in the laboratory and forces Frankenstein by means of some kind of laser ring (!) to reanimate his renowned creature with woman's (!) blood. This is soon done and Dracula and Frankenstein decide to fight their enemies together.

In the meantime a strapping blonde with the name of Judith appears. She's looking for her sister, who, of course, became a victim of the two monsters. Together with her boyfriend, dressed up with contemporary jewelry (just have a look at the screenshots) she breaks into the laboratory and now everybody somehow kills everybody. Dracula once again is burned by the sun and Judith is the only one to survive the final massacre.

You think all this sound quite stupid? That's exactly what is it. The whole movie is as cheep as the title and the plot. The special effects and the make up are ridiculous, and about none of the the actors does a good job; Lon Chaney, once a great star in the Hollywood genre seams to earn his bread of charity acting as slavering lunatic (and a certain Mr. Lugosi shared this destiny in his last years of live working for Ed Wood). Jim Davis, who plays the police officer here, later made his career in a real horror series: he played Jock Ewing in "Dallas"! I've never heard about director Al Adamson before, but after some research in the www we found out the one or other about him. It seams as if he took the shooting of this movie serious, which somehow surprises us and makes us doubt his soundness of mind.

Anyway, if you sum it all up, the movie is a whole lot of fun. Really, we've laughed a lot watching this most stupid Dracula/Frankenstein movie ever. You can confidently recommend this movie to all those who enjoyed "Tombs of the Blind Dead" or similar unconsciously comical trash milestones (mostly of Italian or Spanish origin)

Only one more comment: This movie has meritedt his one bat only for the involuntary comic!


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