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AKA: Blade, the Vampire Slayer

USA 1998, Color, 120 min
Director Stephen Norrington
Producer Peter Frankfurt, Wesley Snipes, Robert Engelman
Screenplay David S. Goyer
Model Marvel-Comics
Photography Theo van de Sande
Music Mark Isham
Wesley Snipes Blade
Stephen Dorff Deacon Frost
Kris Kristofferson Karen
Donal Logue Quinn
Udo Kier Dragonetti
Traci Lords Racquel
Arly Jover Mercury
Kevin Patrick Walls Krieger

Vampire hunter blade is a so-called "Daywalker", half human, half vampire, as in the night, just before his birth his mother became the victim of a blood sucker. This is why blade has the supernatural forces of a vampire but not their weaknesses. Driven by hate and thirst for revenge he uses these forces to clean up among the creatures of the nicht who control, organized like a kind of Mafia half the city. He is supported by his old buddy Whistler and the yound doctor Karen, the life of whom Blade saved after a vampire attack.

An extreme nuisance for van Helsings high tech descendants is the rebelious vampire Deacon Frost, who is deciphering an old vampire bible by means of a super computer in order to conjure La Magra, the god of blood who is supposed to bring up the apokalypse and make Frost the sole ruler over mortal and undead is. To do this he needs the blood of a "Daywalker". But logically Blade doesn't appreciate someone taking his blood and opens the final fight.

Sounds like unbelievable rubbish. Well, dear friends of the night, that's exactly what it is. Well, friends of action will surely enjoy blade. The movie disposes of a lot of speed, theres rapid pursuits and large-scale choreographed fighting scenes, that are as good as quite some Hong Kong Martial Arts Movie. And action man Wesley Snipes, who took over most of the stunts himself even looks good in them, a thing that cannot be said about his acting performance. And this seems to be symptomatic for the Film. Perhaps Director Norringtion and snipes, who also actes as Co-Producer would have done better to shoot a Kong Fu Movie, as all together the movie somehow appears to lack emotion.

The Story is complete nonsence, all actors, expecially the (normally quite talented) Stephen Dorff, do not at least come up to their potential, some of the special effects appear ridiculously cheep and obviously someone tried to give this movie some kind of modern MTV style. Furthermore the characters talk big as we have heard it redundantly in old action movies. All this makes us wonder, what target group this rubbish wants to adress. What taps is all, that the high council of the vampires is an incredible club of harmless nerds, nobody, really nobody, would ever be afraid of. Also the "German Hollywood Star" Udo Kier in the Role of Dragonetti, the president of the council, doesn't seem to have any fangs he could blee. Dragonetti, what a name, why didn't they call him "little harmles wanna-be-vampire?

Anyway, the film was very successfull in theUSA and there have been quite some rumours about a continuation. If ever this movie will be continued it is not probable that we will write something on it.

It should be mentioned as well that the character Blade goes back to a marvel Comic and has been invented by Marve Wolfmann in 1972.


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